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This is a barebones pointer for access to the tsrf area that, in turn, is automatically generated each week by machine.

tsrf is an econometrics shell for distribution dynamics, vector autoregression, and random fields analysis. It includes over 5 megabytes C source code and a 150-plus page manual. The shell comes with a command-line editor interface and Postscript graphics generator. Subject to GNU copyleft restrictions, the C source will always remain freely available. You put my code in your own, the latter then gets covered by the GNU copyleft as well and has to be made publicly available without charge (except for media costs): that's the law.

For those who wish to try tsrf before grabbing all the source afterwards (or at least while making note of where the source can be freely obtained), download the trial

  1. intel-linux (for Linux 2.2.12, Red Hat 6.1),
  2. intel-linux (for Linux 2.0.32, Red Hat 5.0), or
  3. sparc-solaris
  4. win/cygwin [from Marcio Poletti Laurini (27 June 2002)]
versions. (Although, see below as you will likely need some font libraries to go with these.) Use gunzip or unzip to decompress or unzip these, rename them to something sensible, and off you go. Note that my placing the executables here does not relieve the user from fixing problems themselves as they can (should) always get the source. Nor does it remove my obligation to keep that source freely available.

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