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Department of Economics                                 Vassilis Hajivassiliou
LSE                                                                 March 1998

                             Fortran Routines 
  for Simulating Rectangle Multivariate Normal Probabilities and Derivatives

You should get the file "" plus one of the documentation files or f_nrpsim.pdf
File   asd2asc.f
File   f_nrpsim.pdf
File   har_libd.dum
File   har_libd.f
File   har_libd.lh
File   har_libd.sun
File   har_libd.unx
File   har_libm.f
File   har_libo.f
File   har_libs.f
File   har_libt.c
File   har_main.doc
File   har_main.f
File   har_main.txt
File   har_make