• «  The Optimal Timing of Unemployment Benefits: Theory and Evidence from Sweden  » with Jonas Kolsrud, Peter Nilsson and Johannes Spinnewijn ,
    Revisions requested American Economic Review
    [Abstract] [Slides]
  • REVISED «  Children and Gender Inequality: Evidence from Denmark  » with Henrik Kleven & Jakob Sogaard,
  • «  Gender Inequality and Economic Development: Fertility, Education, and Norms  » with Henrik Kleven,
    Solicited for Economica special issue in honor of Frank Cowell
  • «  The Effect of Tax Enforcement on Tax Elasticities: Evidence from Charitable Contributions in France  » (with Gabrielle Fack)
    Journal of Public Economics, Volume 133, January 2016, Pages 23-40.
    A previous version of the paper was circulated under the title « Charitable giving and tax policy in the presence of tax cheating: Theory and evidence from the US and France  »
    [Abstract] [Slides]
  • «  Market Externalities of Large Unemployment Insurance Extension Programs  » (with Rafael Lalive & Josef Zweimuller )
    American Economic Review 105(12): 3564-3596, 2015.
    [Abstract] [Slides] [Online Appendix] [Data & Programs]
  • «  Assessing the Welfare Effects of Unemployment Benefits Using the Regression Kink Design  »
    American Economic Journal: Economic Policy 7(4): 243-278, 2015.
    [Abstract] [Slides] [Online Appendix] [Data & Programs]
  • «  Migration and Wage Effects of Taxing Top Earners: Evidence from the Foreigners' Tax Scheme in Denmark  » (with Henrik Kleven & Emmanuel Saez & Esben Schultz )
    Quarterly Journal of Economics , 129 (1): 333-378, 2014.
    [Abstract] [Slides]
  • «  Are Tax Incentives For Charitable Giving Efficient? Evidence from France  » (with Gabrielle Fack),
    American Economic Journal: Economic Policy
    , 2(2): 117-41, 2010.


  • «  Cultural assimilation in France  » (with Y. Algan & C. Senik), in Cultural integration in Europe , (Y. Algan & A. Manning eds), CEPR/Oxford University Press, a paraitre, 2010