Ec533 Materials


Chapters from Acemoglu and Autor: Lectures in Labor Economics
Handouts, figures, and links:
The schooling model
The returns to schooling, ability bias, and regression
Figures Returns to schooling
Instrumental variables
The LATE theorem and returns to schooling
Weak instruments
IV Tables and Figures 1
IV Tables and Figures 2
NBER lectures on weak IV
Fixed effects and twins estimates of returns to schooling
Handout on signalling
Regression Discontinuity Design
Handout on RD
Regression vs. Matching

Pei, Pischke, and Schwandt (2017)
Sandewall, Cesarini, and Johannesson (2009)
Oreopoulos corrigendum (2008)
Devereux and Hart (2009)
Dolton and Sandi (2017)
Rubinstein (2003)

Data exercise
LFS data for Data exercise

Problem Sets:
Problem Set 1
Problem Set 2
Problem Set 3